Fringe S04E14 “The End of All Things”

WOW! I tend to say that about almost every episode of Fringe, but this one definitely takes the cake as one of my favorite of the series so far! Once again, like last time, I’ll try not to give much away for the people who haven’t yet seen it.

So we begin where we left off last week with Olivia and Nina being held together in a room. A terrifying torture sequence occurs, and a certain object from way back in season 1 is brought back, much to the chagrin of Olivia. While this is playing out, Peter, Walter, and Astrid are back at the lab trying to figure out what may have happened to Olivia. All of a sudden, an Observer appears, with a gunshot wound. As he is slowly dying, Walter quickly hooks Peter up to the Observer’s mind, and for the first time, we get the privilege of seeing inside the consciousness of these unexplained creatures. It’s about a 6 or 7 minute scene, and it completely blew my mind. And yes, Fringe kept its promise of giving us viewers some of the answers we desired, finally!

Who are the Observers?

Is the Olivia in this universe the old Olivia that Peter is in love with?

Another character is also brought up that I had completely forgotten about, and it definitely tugged at my heartstrings, as did the very end of the episode.

So cool!

All in all, this episode was outstanding. It rewarded long-time viewers by bringing back many elements of the story from past seasons, and helped to answer many of the questions we had (and still have). Unfortunately, we now have to wait until March 23rd for it to return, but it will give us an ample amount of time to muse over what may be.


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