Great new music to check out!

The other night I had the privilege of seeing two artists, Joe Hertler and Kevin Thibodeau perform at Kaya Coffee House in Mount Pleasant, MI. For those of you who enjoy light, alternative music, I highly recommend these two. Employing the use of mostly guitar and some keyboard, Hertler goes a more subtle direction, creating tunes you would liken to a “coffee-house” vibe. Thibodeau also uses guitar and keyboard, but applies a variation to the normal piano sound, creating something more similar to synth. He also ups his amplitude and pitch, creating an ebb and flow that reminded me of Jason Mraz or Mika. He also has an all-electronic album available as well. I would definitely check these guys out, for some new music, as well as supporting two local artists!

Here are the websites, as well as iTunes information:

His album is available at :

Kaya Coffee House puts on events throughout the year, and has a great selection of coffees as well as soup and sandwiches! They can be found at:

Oh, and thanks to my friend Jessica for telling me about this event!


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